on blogging

so, I want to guarantee that this blog will be updated more than periodically. ew. even the word ‘blog’ has bad connotations. is it because everything, even journal-like entries are becoming fair game for public entertainment and scrutiny? yes.

onto something that’s actually readable: teaching. this is still a go. I know! 4 or so days in and I’m still going strong. only now I want to go to Regent before/afterhand, to get a Masters of Christian Studies. This will allow me to become a college/university prof (but this isn’t useful- I just want to teach Christian stuff to the youngins) or to go into Ministry, something that at least one of my friends would highly commend me to.

actually, I came across an old Skype conversation that I’d had about this with this friend:

me: Regent costs $12 ooo

her: that’s because the Gospel’s for the rich. haven’t you heard?

me: I don’t want to learn the Gospel there. I want to learn ABOUT it.

That encapsulates my interest in going. Although it is indeed expensive. And I’m pretty sure that Jesus wouldn’t have gone to Regent… would He?

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