i love you, c.s.

“[The doctrine of death] is an ‘eternal gospel’ revealed to men wherever men have sought, or endured, the truth: it is the very nerve of redemption, which anatomising wisdom at all times and in all places lays bare; the unescapable knowledge which the Light that lighteneth every man presses down upon the minds of all who seriously question what the universe is ‘about.'”

– C.S. Lewis in The Problem of Pain

Lewis is outlining a theme that is consistent through Scripture, namely dying to live and losing to find. Our current selves must “die” in order to recreate our original, fully alive selves. When the Fall happened, humans created a new, damaged species who is unable to engage in the eternally giving, generous and creative Spirit of God. What we once breathed of so freely- the Spirit, has been corrupted. In Genesis 3:19, God says: “…for dust you are and to dust you will return.” And yet God, in His grace, offers us redemption; new, abundant, full life out of this necessary death.

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