here is our king

God provides and we forget. We are of so little faith. I often find myself thinking that maybe I am making God into a Cosmic Vending Machine. But I also forget that God is Father. God gives to us endlessly – suffering is just as confusing as basking daily in grace. God loves to give! The message we hear at church is that we must surrender, we must give, we must sacrifice, we must volunteer, we must pray more, we must read the Bible more, we must reach out in justice to the needy, we must… Though all these things are what we strive to do, we can only do them because we have received. Otherwise, how could we possibly be expected to be all these things? How could I possibly be Christ to people if I have not encountered Christ myself? We get so caught up in doing and following and obeying that we forget to love the One who sent us, and the One who provides for us, generously and gleefully and properly.

I feel like I’m waking up! Spring is coming and dawn is here.

Listen to some David Crowder if you ever need an earful of kingdom sounds.

from wherever spring arrives
to heal the ground
from wherever searching comes
the look itself
a trace of what we’re looking for
so be quiet now, and wait

One thought on “here is our king

  1. touche! (with an accent)

    they should talk about THIS more in church! gotta be full or OVERFLOW to others. very important part of the Christian message and walk. well put.

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