2 thoughts on “the [in]finite

  1. then how we can accept Christ and live forever with him? that has infinite repercussions. it’s not really a finite choice. or do we only understand it on a finite level and can only READ/learn about the infinitesimalness (don’t know if that word works, but you know what I mean) of the real meaning of that choice.

  2. Yes! You’ve hit the nail on the head.

    According to C.S. Lewis (sorry, I’ve been reading him a lot lately) the most important choice that a human can make IS an infinite one. You can choose to serve yourself, or you can choose to serve God.

    Choosing to serve God would itself be a “finite” (like concrete, say-able) choice… but with infinite repurcussions, maybe? I mean, if we believe that God is Who He says He is… He IS infinite. And we believe that we will live in His presence eternally. (Our beliefs are in the infinite?)

    Humans are finite. We are created, not Creator. But somehow, we believe in a Creator, and a Creator who is wholly different (infinite) than us, at that. Mind-boggling.

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