on evangelism

Today. Purging an old church office and freaking out when finding tracts that talk about “being sure that you’ve accepted Christ into your heart” and “receiving the gift” of eternal life.

After a brief discussion with the pastor, it was pointed out to me that God Himself choose to communicate to us through the same medium: voices and words, letters and paper, which became the thick Book we use today to know Him… but still, did He envision a tract as a way to tell people about the man called Jesus?

And then, freaking out about the whole “telling” thing. Why do we have to “tell” people about Christ? Why can’t He just meet them and know them and why can’t they just be suddenly fully aware and sensitive to the love of this PERSON for them? It felt strange to hold these tracts and wonder why people believed that these were/are necessary to introduce Jesus.

Oh gracious Father, hold us close.

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