on life

Life has changed, a lot over the past few months. In March, I started dating this wonderful boy (who I met at a bus stop! you can ask me for the story later). In April, I completed my time at Inner Hope. Within a week, I began working at Wick’s, a little neighbourhood coffee shop in South Vancouver. I also moved – sorted through [most] of my childhood things and started living on my own in a bachelor suite within walking distance of Breka (where bus drivers from the 8 like to announce sorry folks, but they’ll be right back, and hop out for a freshly baked good). In mid-May I was offered a job at a church in Richmond, filling in as a temporary administrative assistant. I began working there 4 days a week and at Wick’s 2 days a week. In mid-June my sister got married. And now it’s July. I’m headed to Montreal in a week beginning Monday. And in the fall, I’m fully geared up to begin school at Regent College, a long-awaited dream.

Life is just crazy. And lately, I’ve been reflecting on the idea that it’s so important (though tempting) not to turn on auto-pilot and just take whatever opportunities present themselves. How Jesus calls people to FOLLOW him. How He moves, and we follow.

And how the reason why we follow Christ is because he promises to take our burdens… so that we actually live without them. It’s not like we look to Him and to the Bible to teach us good morals which then allow us to live our best lives (WHY don’t I recognize the ways in which my theology shows that I actually believe more in karma than Christ?!).

I’ve been burdened lately by the fact that my life is not centred in Scripture. The God that I know is often not the God of the Bible, but the God of the verses I memorized when I was a kid, or that book I read during my undergrad, or that conversation I had with that woman last year. The God of the Bible lives and speaks. He LEADS for goodness sake. How can we follow a leader without listening to Him?

Oh weary soul of mine – wake, follow.

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