on #howstokedIamtobeastudent

So… I’m trying to digest going to Regent this fall and all the things I am feeling about that (ie. a mix of scared, excited and hopeful) and found this description of “Spiritual Theology,” which would definitely be my area of concentration were I to go full-throttle and pursue my Master’s…

In the Spiritual Theology concentration, you explore the relationship of your life in the world with your real life in God. In contrast to the humanistic search for personal transcendence that passes for “spirituality” today, Christian spirituality is theological: it is founded on and inspired by the triune God revealed in Scripture and in Christ; it cultivates responsiveness to the seeking Father; it fully engages the mind, heart, and body; it is, as William Perkins once said, “the science of living blessedly forever.” But it is not only a personal quest; spiritual theology involves active engagement with the world and the needs of others through mission, work, ministry, and prayer.

Bah. So much goodness.

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