on power

If we think power doesn’t exist, we will almost always end up using it, however unconsciously, to protect our own interests, privilege and status.

If we think power is something bad and to be avoided, we will actually end up not seriously loving our neighbor, because to the extent that we refuse to admit that we have real power, we shortchange our own ability, by God’s grace, to create the conditions where our neighbor, especially our vulnerable neighbor, can flourish.

But if we see power as a gift from God (a very temporary gift, by the way—in the blink of an eye all of us will soon be as powerless as we were on the day of our birth, and in one more blink we will die and be completely at the mercy of the power of God to raise us from death) —if we see power as a gift, we will see every person we interact with as an image bearer and will work to restore their image-bearing capacity. If they are cut off from relationship with the One whose image they bear, we will use our power to open up the possibility for them to come back to relationship with their Creator; if they are limited by human structures from expressing their full capacity, we will work to create new culture that makes it possible for them to be everything they were meant to be.

– Andy Crouch

AAAAAAhhhhhh… cue tears.

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