on heaven

One of my friends is drawn to the notion of being with all the people you love at the same time. And truly, that must be a little bit of what heaven is like (credit to this one for pointing that out to me).

I get this idea in my head that “heaven” involves everything being set right in terms of the world operating perfectly. Everyone loving their neighbours adequately. No oppression of the land in terms of excessive human demands. No poverty. Everything working together like clockwork … as if that was the way that God intended it to be when he crafted this earth: a kind of glow-y, happy, harmonious system.

But I think I tend to forget that heaven is about enjoying God forever. When we pray for God to establish His kingdom here, and attempt to work alongside Him, we’re not supposed to be praying for everything to work like clockwork again. We’re praying that we all might love Him more and enjoy Him more.

Because heaven isn’t just things operating smoothly and the complete elimination of all things difficult and demanding. Heaven is communion with God.

Its also communion with God together with creation and neighbour. In heaven, I will get to be with others who worship God. I will get to see everyone I love again all at the same time. This takes off a lot of pressure in terms of making decisions here – for one day, I will see all these people again, forever. I will sing with that youth, and rejoice with that young man, and eat together with them, and learn more from her, and see him again, and make art with her, and celebrate with you… illuminated and restored to and within the presence of God.

It also means that I do not work only to make conditions better here, but to participate in directing people’s love towards God Himself.


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