remembering today

I want you to remember how you felt today.

How you were deeply and reverberatingly happy (a gift, how sweet the sound).

You were in your Honda Accord with the radio off, and the sun was glinting and you were cruising peacefully through the Massey Tunnel, and down farm-lined Sidaway.

You thought about the job you have, how important it is to you, how privileged you feel to work there.

You thought about the man you get to marry in the fall, and how you are growing together, and how you will always get to be with and love him.

You thought about the family you care for, and all the days it felt that it would never be okay, and about how, today, there seemed to be evidence for the fact that all shall be well.

I want you to remember this day, because it is good to be happy. And it is possible to be happy.

Because you sometimes feel like life will never meet your expectations or that everything is too fragmented to be set right again. On those days, I want you to remember days like today.

Rejoice, and praise the LORD.

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