just do it

It was M’s birthday recently, and I wanted to do something special. So, I looked into options for doing an overnight stay somewhere and remembered that my uncle had had a great experience doing AirBnB, and so I found a cute little log cabin to stay at in Hope (Hope is a 2-hour drive from Vancouver).

So, we packed my car and off we went. It turned into a retreat of sorts because the cabin was so isolated and had a beautiful view of Kawkawa Lake. After unpacking, we decided to take a walk outside.

While we were walking, I realized “Wow!” I know, very much know, the value and practice of Sabbath; I feel like I know it inside out. I know how Sabbath – taking time to rest from our busy lives – is an act of faith: trusting that God is still at work when I’m not and that my efficiency is not what determines outcomes. I know how Sabbath is a gift: trusting that God gave us time to recreate, to do things for sheer joy. I know how Sabbath is meant to be part of our rhythm each week: trusting that God designed us to veer between pouring out and filling up.

And yet, as we were walking I realized that I was finally at Sabbath rest. I couldn’t just know all the right things – I had to do them. I had to actually get in my car and drive for two hours. I had to rent a house. I had to put on my runners and rain jacket and grab my husband’s hand and go outside.

I realized that it’s nice to think the right things like I often do – imagining sitting on the couch with a great book, reflecting on how it might be nice to walk outside – but it’s a totally different ball game to do them.

Be encouraged: don’t wait until the moment is perfect, don’t think that you know what Sabbath is all about. It’s not possible until you just do it.

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