dear 21-year-old self


Dear 21-year-old-self,

You are too busy. You think that the world depends on you, and it doesn’t. You believe that by saying no to an opportunity, you might be interfering with God’s intentions for good in the world. Really? Pause.

Ask yourself what God made the world for. Because if you ask yourself that question, you might realise that God didn’t design you to be a pawn in his kingdom to bring about good in the world. He, gloriously, has no need of you.

You may have been shown that passage in Isaiah 61 about how chains will be broken and the slaves will be set free and how you might be involved in that, but you need to sit down and turn to the Gospels too.

Sit with Jesus. Ask him why He died for you. Explain how you feel like all He has done is give you burdens to care more and do more. Tell Him that you don’t really like the Gospel because it feels like it just weighs you down with new compassions to understand and new people to serve and new attitudes to embrace. Tell Him that this feels like demands on you and not freedom, and even though you’ve heard that His service is perfect freedom, you’ve never felt that way.

Wait a little bit. Maybe He will show up in a way that you haven’t imagined before.

He loves you more than you know.

Sincerely, your not-so-different 26-year-old self

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