we met at a bus stop


It’s a pretty cute story and so I thought that in honour of March 24 (the date when M actually asked me out, a few weeks after our official meeting) I’d blog it with some pictures that our super talented BC wedding photographer snapped for our engagement – at the actual bus stop where we met!

This is from my perspective of course (ask M and you’ll get a different take) and of course if you’re with me and want to hear different details, I will supply them and ask for your meeting story too because I think there’s something so special about looking back and seeing the unique or unlikely ways in which people are brought together.

Anyways, without further ado:

It was a January evening and the beginning of term at Regent College and I had been taking one course per semester while working, to see if I wanted to pursue a degree. I was on campus for an evening class I was trying out to see if I liked the professor/content. As I walked through the building to get to class I was spotted (unbeknownst to me) by a boy who thought, Hmm, she’s cute! … But probably married.

After the course – which I didn’t like very much – I left school and walked to the bus stop to get home. I was greeted there by a very friendly looking boy who introduced himself as a Regent student. (He hadn’t spotted a wedding ring and figured that he might as well risk a hello.)

We chatted briefly but my bus came quickly and we weren’t able to exchange more than our names and some brief details about what we were studying and where we were working. Being slightly naive and also aware that the ethos of Regent is to be hospitable and welcoming I didn’t think much of it (although I did text my sister as soon as I got on the bus that a “cute guy” had said hi to me at the bus stop!).


Anyways, later that week I decided to drop that course and sign up for another. Little did I know that the guy who had said hi came out and waited for me that same night that my previous course had been… and the next week after that when I didn’t show up!

In the meantime, I couldn’t quite dismiss my curiosity about the kind guy I had met. I looked him up on Facebook and he did the same for me. We were able to find each other because we have fairly unique names and the Christian circle in Vancouver isn’t enormous. I had a couple of friends in common with him, and asked them what they knew about this guy. They said he was nice but, being very traditional, I continued to let it simmer rather than pursuing it.

A few weeks later, M, who had been going back and forth on whether he should contact this random girl he met at a bus stop that he had obviously creeped to find information for, mustered up the courage to send me a Facebook message. As if this courage weren’t enough, he realised a few days later that it had gone straight to my junk mail folder because we weren’t “friends” yet. So, in yet another act of courage, he added me as a friend. I accepted right away, knowing that this was the kind guy from the bus stop. We chatted and it only ended when I nearly immediately asked him out to coffee because I knew we had to sit down and chat.


That’s where it all began. A few weeks later, after occasional walks and a couple of dates, he asked me out… and now we’re here! Married and on a new adventure in Québec.

So, the conclusion for me from this story is – take public transit when you can! It makes for some pretty great stories. Also, I’m married to one heck of a courageous guy.



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