you are special (no, really!)

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This is what absolutely blew my mind out of the park the other afternoon: we are all, actually, special.

The thing is, I’ve never believed this before, and I’m guessing I’m not alone.

See the thing that we’re often told is just this: you are special. You are unique. There is no one like you.

I heard this all my life, and yet it took me until now to really believe it and to want to do something about it. Because as much as I know in my head that I am unique, I kind of always nodded my head and thought, yeah, so what. I mean there’s no way we all have the exact same DNA, but really, most of us are fairly similar and can be grouped into big categories of similarity.

For a while this really paralyzed me because I didn’t want to do things that other people were doing. Like I didn’t want to blog or write because really, who needs another girl sending her mind into the Interwebs, anyways.

But the beautiful thing that Jesus wants to say to us is “Hi” – I always imagine He starts conversations like this –  “You are made in such a special way. There’s no one else in the whole world that has, or ever will, make, say, think, or look at the world in the same way you do. I made you as a one-of-a-kind, beautiful person who uniquely expresses the goodness of the Father.”

And that just blows me away.

Seriously, this changes everything for me.

Let me give you an example of how far I had gotten with the whole there-is-nothing-new-under-the-sun thing: Before, I didn’t even see much of the point in having children because why would we care about adding more humans to the world (honestly, I’m ashamed to write it out!). But I was under the impression that the lives of this world were too many – that there was no point to more human beings on earth (scary, I know).

But I’m so glad I’ve been turned around.

So let me tell you:

There’s beauty that cannot be found anywhere else but in the things you make.

The things that you think have never, ever been thought before in the exact same way. If you say them, don’t be scared that they’re perhaps simple or overdone. They’re unique because no one else would or will ever say them the same way.

God made you in His image. He is SO big that even all the humans in the world that have been and ever will be cannot possibly express his total beauty and goodness. Every human life is worthwhile because every human life bears witness in a crazy, mysterious, and unique way to who He is.

His works are WONDERFUL (each one of them, in a special, never-before, never-again replicate-able way) and I know that [now] full well, and I hope you do too.

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