pregnancy – week 32

I wish I had started writing some simple posts on this long ago but it really has been a whirlwind so I’m not going to procrastinate anymore.

So, pregnancy. M and I found out that we were expecting a little one in February. I didn’t think of any clever way to share it with him because basically we were both wanting it to happen and I was keeping him updated.

And, right now it’s Week 32 – only 8 weeks left! Here’s a short questionnaire I found on another mama blog that seemed fun to fill out:

Total weight gain: I have no idea. Ever since experiencing an eating disorder in high school I haven’t kept track of my weight but it’s been a gift to really be fine with it. Actually, the fact that you’re supposed to gain weight when you’re pregnant has been a real gift and I have felt the best in my pregnant body, and have loved dressing to show off the bump.

How big is baby: Apparently, as big as a squash! (But TBH these fruit and vegetable analogies are the weirdest to me, because who is to say what kind of squash it is! Spaghetti? Acorn? Butternut?)

Maternity clothes: All the time. I love them! Dresses have been good in the summertime heat though honestly around the house I like to be in just shorts and a t-shirt, often with the t-shirt rolled up to have my belly exposed. Being totally unconstricted is definitely the most comfortable. It’s actually through this pregnancy that I’ve discovered the wonder of online shopping. Finding clothes at has been the best and being signed up to their email list got me 30% off + free shipping on my first purchase and now I’m always getting updates on sales.

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Sleep: In my first trimester I HAD to nap every single day around 1:00pm. I also struggled to open my eyes and pushed my work-at-home start to 9:00am most days (in contrast to my typical 8:00am start). In the second trimester I was doing great but now I’m back to wanting a short nap most days. In the night I toss and turn and I’m always up once for the bathroom. Investing in a pregnancy pillow in the first trimester when I started to be restless has been a lifesaver.

Best moment this past week: Hosting my dear friend Meghan and her husband overnight! Meghan and I have been friends since Grade 6 and she moved out here to the East Coast for school in her second year of university, met her husband, and now lives in Hamilton, ON. I moved out here to Montreal last March and now we are close enough that a road trip if possible! If that weren’t enough, she is also pregnant and due within a week of me!

Movement: Baby’s bum is definitely on the left side. When I look down, my stomach is totally asymmetrical with a big lump hanging out there. He is kicking a lot, especially right before bed and I caught the funniest video the other day of him moving all around.

Food cravings: Nothing I’ve sent M out to get because I need it OR ELSE. Throughout the pregnancy I’ve been craving salty rather than sweet food, and luckily craving lots of fruit and veggies and just “real” meat-and-potatoes food. Actually though, meat hasn’t been that appealing and dinner is my smallest meal of the day.

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Food aversions: None.

Gender: It’s a boy! I still can’t believe it and am so excited for him to be surrounded by so many aunties (I have three sisters) when we visit Vancouver in December.

Labour signs: N/A though I do have a bad stitch that recurs in my right side which I’ve polled many people about. My doctor doesn’t seem to relate it to anything in particular and has advised that I stretch as much as possible. It helps when M massages it (of course).

Belly button in or out: Still in but definitely a lot shallower than it was before!

What I miss: Strenuous physical activity and general ease in mobility. I’ve basically avoided being active for most of this pregnancy out of fear of miscarriage. So I’m really looking forward to getting back on the active bandwagon after giving birth!

What I’m not loving: Mostly just feeling like a lump and not being able to be as productive as I used to be.

What I’m looking forward to: Just meeting this little guy! I’ve been trying to imagine what he looks like… blonde hair? Brown hair? Lots of hair? Blue eyes? M’s deep brown eyes (yes please)?

What I’m loving: Preparing things for baby/accumulating items. If you know anything about me you might know that I love all things thrift and second-hand, so when we received 4 huge bins of baby boy clothes from a friend who had a boy and is now expecting a girl, I was thrilled! I try to be conscious about not over-consuming though I do have a genuine love for THINGS, so getting hand-me-downs helps with that. I already don’t want Baby Boy to outgrow all the cute shoes and onesies!

Milestone(s): I’ve been adding to and researching for our registry (just started one at which I would totally recommend so that you’re not stuck with one supplier!) and we visited a store in Laval last night to test drive some strollers and car seats. Once those are chosen I feel like I’ll be able to breathe a bit easier (though my lungs are definitely compressed. The other day I was on a video call and I was asked a question that I had to answer in a lot of detail and man was I winded afterwards!)


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