adorable teething accessories made in Vancouver

As a first-time momma, I’m often asked which products have been the most useful for me, and which ones have been totally unnecessary.

VSCO Cam-3.jpg

To be honest, most baby stuff seems to be used for such a short time that I think it’s totally worthwhile to get as many things secondhand as possible. Check out your local VarageSale site or Kijiji to get things like a playmat, a bouncer, and even a carseat and stroller (we got all of these things through these resources for much cheaper than new)!

However, there are certainly some things that are lovely to receive as gifts. A more costly product that I received as a gift and always recommend is the Alilo Bunny… this thing has been a lifesaver for our little guy! I’d definitely pay full price for how it helps put our little guy to sleep. Baby’s even learned to coo at it, and recognizes it each night… I definitely packed it for both of our trips to Vancouver.

Something that many people recommended to me but I ended up passing on was a wipe warmer… baby has to get used to getting changed on the go, no?

For me, what has always been the most special is something made small.

Whether it was something handmade like a knit blanket or a sweet stuffie, or something purchased from a local Etsy maker, I loved receiving items for our little guy, which is why I’d like to tell you about Peach & Lulu!

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

I grew up with the founder of Peach & Lulu who also has a small child and is expecting another one soon! She and her sister create babywear and teething accessories from their home in Greater Vancouver, BC.

I was first drawn to Peach & Lulu for their sweet bandana bibs – you can browse them here and check out all the cute patterns!

I also absolutely love the teether and soother clip we recently received.

The teething accessory is an adorable milk bottle with “LAIT” inscribed on the front – a perfect little nod to our current French context in Quebec – and I love having a teether now that we’re trying to wean baby off his pacifier. Their “perfect neutral” soother clip is made up of chewable beads, which is super helpful now that baby is teething. He has learned to grasp the beads and will bring them up to his mouth to chew on. I love the neutral colours, which really go with any outfit. For a long while I didn’t use a clip – until I realized the value of attaching a teething toy or soother straight to him!

VSCO Cam-2.jpg

Lately it’s been so fun to see baby picking up the beads to have a little chew!

The combination of bibs, soother clips, rattles and even toques make Peach & Lulu a great shower gift choice, and I’d totally recommend them as a cute place to shop small for a new momma!

If you are a recently new mom, what about you? What have been your favourite products? Or, what is your go-to gift for a new mom?

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