life these days

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Inspired by another mama blogger I follow, I wanted to do a little life update! I used to find it so fun to give a little digital snapshot of what was going on… for no one in particular, since I never really know my audience, but it’s still always nice to look back on whatever memories are kept, whether in a blog or in a journal. (I’m always just a tad too idealistic – a fatal flaw – and I want to keep a record perfectly in one journal rather than stopping and starting again, which for the most part means that my memories, rather than being tracked at all, are just paralyzed.) But anyways.

We are at just over Year 2 of living in Quebec and truly I would call it home now. Of course, when I return to visit Vancouver I will often call it home as well, but I know that what I mean when I call Quebec home is that I am rooted here! Ambrose is six months and I am learning to love and enjoy him daily – though it doesn’t come without moments that I’m at the end of my rope and am driven batty by his constant calling. He LOVES to eat (there’s lots of Mortelliti blood in this one) and has tried all kinds of veggies and fruits with carrots being his least favourite (just like his Dad). He prefers to examine and discover through looking and tasting, rather than being active (i.e. in the bouncer he will spend lots of time looking at all the activities rather than actually jumping up and down), and is becoming quite chatty!

Back to a general update:

Lately I am….

Eating for breakfast: Toast with peanut butter, honey, flax seeds and hemp seeds! And coffee, lots of coffee. Usually I would love to eat eggs and greens for breakfast, but I *think* that I’ve noticed that eating eggs flares up Ambrose’s eczema, and so I’ve been avoiding eggs altogether.

Reading: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I was just mentioning to a friend today that I’m finding reading about happiness so helpful. Somehow from my Christian upbringing I inherited a prejudice against happiness, as though it’s a crime to be happy and that we ought to always be sad, or at least in want a little bit. Strange, huh? I also recently finished My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward by Mark Lukach and Tell Me More: Stories About The 12 Hardest Things I’m Learning to Say by Kelly Corrigan. My newly acquired Kindle has set me on a reading spree – I never thought I’d enjoy reading on a screen so much but being able to read without needing to turn pages as well as reading in the night without a lamp has been fantastic.

Eyeing up: Vintage Fisher Price toys. I really want Ambrose to have old school toys and have been perusing Varage Sale locally.

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Wearing on repeat: Jeans, tees and cardigans. I can’t wait for our confusing April weather to end and for sunshine!

Inspired by: The books I’m reading.

Doing before bed: I’ve acquired a renewed love for baths, and have also been enjoying reading, especially since Matteo and I committed to no TV for Lent. We only watched one movie a week and it became a special occasion!

Listening to: Podcasts! Namely Emily Freeman’s The Next Right Thing. She releases this podcast weekly and it’s all about decision-making and decision fatigue. With over 30,000 choices to make daily you bet that I’m all about learning from her. She has a sweet, pastoral way about her that I love.

Wishing I was better at: Shopping for clothes? Ha. I am trying to develop a capsule-y new spring wardrobe and I always end up spending time at the mall and coming home with lots of clothes to return. I have often wished to be better at this! Also, patience.

Trying to stop: Stressing! I’ve realized that I tend to be in a “stress” mode without even knowing what I’m really worried about. When I break down what I’m thinking about I often find that I’m able to figure out everything that’s on my mind… it’s only when I let it become a fuzzy mess that I get worried.

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